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1. We like to thank you for renewing your membership and we look forward to our ________ partnership.

(A) continue (B) continuing (C) continued (D) continues


但是look forward to不是介係詞to + _____ 用動名詞嗎?

At HGBC, we are committed to _______ your privacy and security online.

(A) safeguards (B) safeguard (C) safeguarding (D) safeguarded

be committed to + ing 介係詞to 用(C)safeguarding

有人可以解釋一下嗎? 謝謝

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    The key in the question is "look forward to" and "renew". As we all know "look forward to" need to follow with a V-ing (動名詞), if it follows with a VERB directly. However, in this question it is NOT. In stead, it follows with " our ___ partnership " Here "partnership" is a noun, so "partnership" is the object for "look forward to" (by the way "to" is a preposition in this phrase). "our ___" will be treated as adjectives to describe partnership. Now, what shall we choose between (B) and (C)? If we just look at the sentence "we look forward to...", I would choose (B). However, the portion of this sentence "... for renewing your membership" indicates that the partnership is "artificial" not "mutual". I mean, partnership exists ONLY when they RENEW the membership. Therefore, such a action is PASSIVE, so choose (C) (past participle) is better.


    As you know, "to" can be both adverb or preposition. If it is an adverb, we use "V", if it is a preposition, we use "V-ing". I think this kind of grammar is hard to use. Let me use a different way to explain by feeling (or logic):

    In this question, when someone "commit", it shall NOT be just for a 5-minute (in a word, short time). Especially, "safeguard" something. It has to be a CONTINUOUS effort. Therefore, we use "V-ing" to indicate the CONTINUITY. Therefore, choose (C) is better

    Like "look forward to", the reason it needs to follow with V-ing ( when directly follows with a "verb") has the same reason. When you "look forward to" is NOT just for a short duration. It is a relatively LONG one, so we use V-ing to indicate that action. For example:

    I look forward to seeing again.

    I don't think "to seeing" is just for one minute and not for the next minute, otherwise it would NOT be "look forward to"(盼望).

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    (A) 保障(B) 維護(C) 維護(D) 保障