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我最喜愛的食物 英文作文

有沒有人可以help me作我最喜愛的食物 英文作文300字?

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  • 9 年前

    Stinky Tofu (臭豆腐) Recently western gourmets have listed “stinky tofu” as one of the most sickening and notorious Taiwanese cuisines. On the contrary, stinky tofu is very popular with me. I regard it as the typical Taiwanese cuisine. Every person has his own taste. There is no accounting for taste. One man’ s meat may be another man’spoison. In fact, we may add peas, pickles and meat to stinky tofu and change it to a very gook-looking, colorful, delicious and tempting dish. The ex-presidentChen Shuei-ban, for example, used to entertain his important guests with improved stinky tofu in the formal national banquets. The guests yielded themselves to yummy stinky tofu. The special flavor of stinky tofu won the guests’ hearts. I find stinky tofu to my liking. I often buy stinky tofu. And I enjoy it to my heart’s content. I prefer stinky tofu to other foods I dare not imagine the days without stinky tofu. It will be a very hard time for me. I very much love its special flavor.

  • (Chinese:; Pinyin: chòu dòufu)

    臭豆腐現在一般都不稱Stinky tofu.

    因為Stinky 這個字在英文為負面的字.有發惡臭的意思.



    所以.臭豆腐翻譯成chòu tofu是最好的.




  • 9 年前

    It is a shame to give up such opportunity to imagine away and fly in your own sky.

    As for me, my favorite food is bone, huMAN bone;

    From which, their souls, I will indulge on;

    I took their flesh, and I chewed on their bone.

    Yes, you may call me the princess of the darkness, from now on...

  • 阿昌
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    9 年前

    my favourite food is cake no matter cheese cake, choclate cake or blueberries cake,etc. Cake is sweet, if you having a bad mood and take it into your mouth, i am sure you mood will turn good. i love cake because of particular types of cake may be associated with particular festivals, such as stollen at Christmas, babka and simnel cake at Easter, or mooncake, actually we can eat each in every day. we can make cake by oursleves, it`s really easy. we can make our cake into diffierent shape such as round or square or other interesting shapes. we can colouring the cakes too, when we finish making the cake, we will feel happiness. that`s why i love cake.