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in name of Neptune是甚麼意思?

請教各先進, 英文中在問句裡插入in the name of Neptune, 是甚麼意思? 例如:

Why in the name of Neptune can't I ....

實在找不到解釋, 煩請各先進解惑, 如能註明出處更佳, 謝謝囉...

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  • 8 年前

    What in the name of God are you doing? (口語)你到底在做什麼?

    = What in God's name are you doing?

    in the name of God 放在強調疑問句中,表示「究竟;到底」.

    in the name of Neptune 意思相同,只是把基督宗教的God,替換成希臘神祇.


    Why in the name of Neptune can't I...? 究竟為何我不能…?

    =Why in the name of God can't I...?


    What in the name of Zeus are you doing?

    Why in the name of Zeus can't I...?

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  • geo
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    8 年前

    For Christ's sake.... why Neptune?

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  • 8 年前

    In the name of Neptune,you can.

    In the name of Jesus, you musn't!.........ha-ha

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  • 8 年前

    First, to answer your question, let's leave out "neptune" and focus on just

    in the name of, it can mean (the closer meaning to your question, there are

    other meanings):

    1. using the authority of, or as a representative of,

    We reserved two tickets in the name of DSG.

    2. used to give a reason or an excuse for, often when what you

    are doing is wrong,

    Crimes committed in the name of religion.

    In your question, the first meaning above is the correct one. Now, why adds "neptune" in this phrase. Well, Neptune is the farthest planet of the solar system. Therefore, it implies that it is so far away, yet people can still see it and know it. Therefore, "why in the name of Neptune can't I" means even a planet that is so far away, and people can see it and know it, but why I cannot....?

    If you leave out "in the name of neptune" in your question, it will not change this meaning of it. This kind of usage is to make the question more dramatic. It is like:

    What the heck is going on with you?

    it is the same as:

    What is going on with you?

    2012-02-24 13:01:24 補充:

    this "in the name of SOMETHING" is really a very useful phrase huh! :-) ...

    Virtually, you use anything after it for your own purpose !

    參考資料: self
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