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Tom 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前




例如,提高安全性enhances safety網路一查很多,用的動詞enhance好且適當


去除make ..more convenient, increase convenience和 enhance convenience這三個






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  • 8 年前

    If your question is limited to "變得更方便", then the answers are limited. You can say:

    to become more convenient;

    to change into more conveniently

    to shape up to more conveniently

    to turn into more conveniently

    to grow into more conveniently

    to refine into more conveniently

    if you want to have "變得", then you will have lots of of them, for examples:

    loosen up: 變得較自然

    freshen: 變得精神煥發

    smarten up: 變得漂亮瀟灑

    greatern: 變得偉大

    I hope you get the idea now, word with "-en" can have "變得" meaning in it. Of course, some verbs themselves have that meaning too. As far as "更" is concerned, it is just a comparative, so all you need to do to add "more" or "-er" to an adjective.

    to ripen into more conveniently

    However, if you just want "變得", then you will have tons of them. for examples:


    smarten up:變得漂亮瀟灑

    meeken: 變得溫順

    loosen up: 變得不拘束

    I hope you can get the idea about having "-en" at the end will give you that "變得" meaning. As far as "更" is concerned, it is just a comparative, so you just add "more" or "-er" to an adjective .

    2012-02-25 13:55:54 補充:

    sorry about the mess in my answer! for some reason, the editor has re-arranged my answer.

    "to ripen into more conveniently" shall be together with "to refine into more conveniently"

    2012-02-25 15:16:25 補充:

    Tom!, I did provide those VERBS that you can use to get that meaning you want. I don't know why you said I didn't. Anyway, if you have any further question, I will try to answer it in more detail.

    2012-02-25 15:19:40 補充:

    something you need to understand, English and Chinese cannot be translated word by word (or precisely). Especially, when you use Chinese to find its English meaning or vice versa, you can be disappointed sometimes.

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    enhances safety提高安全性




    make ..more convenient, 使......更加方便

    increase convenience增加便利

    enhance convenience加強便利

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