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給我英文作文題目!!!!! cause-effect


請給我一些 cause-effect 的題目!!!



直接給我 cause-effect 有關的網路文章,book,journal都可以喔!!!

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    (For reference!)We Have Only One Earth (Global Warming)We have only one earth. But human beings are doing great harm to the earth. The burning of coals and gasoline brings about (=causes) a lot of carbon dioxide(二氧化碳). Much carbon dioxide causes the global warming. The global warming is getting worse and worse.(越來愈糟)The more gasoline human beings consume, the hotter the earth will become. Heat will in return (依次 )melt more ice in the north and south poles. And then the sea level will keep rising and the sea water is flooding over our low lands. Many low islands and places will become seas. We should come to the awareness (知道)that we should cut down )(減少) the consumption of the natural resources.People are advised to live simple lives as the vegetarians (do) to lower the consumption of the natural resources. People had better take the bus or the subway instead of driving cars. And people should eat fewer meats and lesser fish. In addition, people should less turn on the air-conditioners and recycle useful waste paper, cans, bottles, and plastic materials for re-use. Only when people take effective measures to prevent the global warming from going worse can we save our only one earth.

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    (For reference!)

    We Have Only One Earth (Global Warming)

    We have only one earth. But human beings are doing great harm to the earth. ...........