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The Black Wall Street''was the name give to Greenwood Avenue of North Tulasa, Oklahoma during the early 1900's. Because of strict segregation, Blackswere only allowed to shop, spend, and live in a 35 square block area called the Greenwood district. The '' circulation of Black dollars'' only in the Black community produced a tremendously prosperous Black business district that was admired and envied by the whole country.

Since African Americans could neither live among Whites as equals nor patronize White business in Tulsa. Black had to develop a completely separate business district and community, which soon became prosperous and legendary. Black dollars inversted in the Black community also produced self-pride, self-sufficiency, and self-determination. The business district beginning at the intersection of Greenwood Avenue and Archer Street, became so successful and vibrant that Booker T. Washington during his visit bestowed the moniker '' Negro Wall Street.'' By 1921, Tulsa's African-American population of 11,000 had its own bus line two high schools. one hospital, two newspapers, two theaters, three drug stores, four hotels, a public library, and thirteen churches.

A 19 year old Black male accidentally stumbled on a jerky elevator and bumped the 17-year-old White elevator operator who screamed. The frightened young fellow was seen running from the elevator by a group of Whites and by late afternoon the '' Tulsa Tribune'' repoted that the gril had been raped. Despite the gril's denial of any wrongdoing the boy was arrested and large mob of 2000 White men came to the jail to lynch the prisoner.

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    黑華爾街'是在1900年年初的名稱給的北塔爾薩,俄克拉何馬州的格林伍德大道。由於嚴格的隔離,黑人只允許購物,消費,住在一個35見方的塊名為格林伍德區的面積。 “黑色美元流通,只有在黑人社區”產生了極大繁榮的黑色商務區,全國敬佩和羨慕的。



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