new towns in hk

1.How can the development of new towns tackle the housing problems in

Hong Kong?(50words)

2.Apart from the development of new towns,suggest any three ways to tackle the housing problems in Hong Kong?(90words)

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  • 8 年前

    New Towns and New Major Urban Developments

    Civil Engineering and Development Department: The

    New Territories Development Department (NTDD) was

    established in 1973 to implement the New Town

    Development Programme. In 1986, NTDD amalgamated

    with the then Urban Area Development Office to form the

    Territory Development Department (TDD), which took up

    the responsibility for district management and new major

    developments on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon in

    addition to the new towns. In July 2004, the Civil

    Engineering Department merged with the TDD to form a

    new works department – The Civil Engineering and

    Development Department (CEDD).

    CEDD ensures that the development process for new

    towns, rural townships and new major developments in the

    urban area are properly co-ordinated.

    The basic concept for developing a new town is to

    provide a balanced and self-contained community as far

    as possible in terms of provision of infrastructure and

    community facilities. In rural townships, the focus is to

    improve and supplement their infrastructure and

    community facilities, and where necessary provide village

    flood protection schemes. For new major developments in

    the urban area, new land will be formed and infrastructure

    provided to allow growth, to decant existing population and

    to provide or upgrade facilities to enable the redevelopment of old run-down areas. The functional,

    environmental and aesthetic aspects of the developments

    are given priority consideration.

    New Town Development: Hong Kong has developed nine

    new towns since the initiation of its New Town

    Development Programme in 1973 to cope with the

    increase in population and to improve the living

    environment by de-centralising the population from the

    over-crowded urban districts. The target at the

    commencement of the New Town Development

    Programme was to provide housing for about 1.8 million

    people in the first three new towns, namely, Tsuen Wan,

    Sha Tin and Tuen Mun. The population of Hong Kong at

    that time was about 4.2 million. It is now about 7.0 million.

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