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你好! 我預計在摩洛哥待上兩個月的時間 第一個月我預定的旅館在FES 我想計畫在FES和鄰近的城市旅遊! 第二個月計劃前往摩洛哥其它城市觀光 因為我打算到達每一個城市時在找當地的旅館休息, 所以我才沒有預定後面一個月份的旅館, 我真的很喜歡摩洛哥 所以才一再的造訪這個國家, 這次前往真的只是純粹的觀光 我以個人的名譽保證 絕對沒有商業方面的行為更不會在那工作! 日期一到一定會準時離開摩洛哥,這次的旅遊我計劃了很久的時間 也跟我的公司請到了兩個月的假期 所以我很期待我這一次的旅遊! 也很期待再次踏進摩洛哥這塊土地 衷心期盼你可以給我好消息 謝謝你.上帝保佑你



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    How do you do! I expected in Morocco for a couple of months time I book hotel in FES for the first month I want to plan in the city of FES and the adjacent tourist! Second a months plans to Morocco other city sightseeing because I intends to arrived each a a city Shi in found local of hotel rest, so I only no scheduled behind a month of hotel, I really of is like Morocco so only repeatedly of visited this national, this to really of just purely of sightseeing I to personal of honorary guarantee absolute no commercial area of behavior more does not in that work! Dates must be on time to leave Morocco, this tour I had planned for a long time with my company to a two-month holiday so I am looking forward to my time travel! Also is looking forward to once again set foot in Morocco we earnestly look forward to this land can you give me good news, thank you., God bless you