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請英翻中翻譯Friends are among the mo


Friends are among the most important people in our lives. They provide companionship,a sense of belonging,and a sympathetic ear. As we work,study,and travel abroad,and even as we remain at home,we can also form friendships with people from other cultures. However,bridging cultural differences is sometimes hard. Along with linguistic and historical issues,there are differences in body language,conflict management styles,and more.

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  • 8 年前

    朋友是我們生活中最重要的人。它們提供的伴侶關係、 歸屬感和同情。隨著我們的工作、 學習,和出國旅遊、 以及即使我們留在家裡,我們也可以構成與來自其他文化的人的友誼。然而,橋接文化差異有時很難。隨著語言和歷史的問題,有的身體語言、 衝突管理樣式和更多的差異。

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