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In doing so,having an open mind is paramount. If you say to a Parisian,”I know all French people are romantic,”you mightwind up insulting the person. It’s better,then,to listen to your new friend talk about his or her life.Naturally,he or she will also be curious about your background. Have respect for the differences that will inevitably arise. If you’re interested in the sariworn by an Indian friend,tell her something about traditional clothing from your country. When in doubt,don’t be afraid to ask questions. Over time,you’ll become accustomed to your friend’s style of dress,body language,and speech patterns – and vice-versa.

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    在這樣做時,擁有開放的心態是至關重要的。如果你說到巴黎,"我知道所有的法國人都是浪漫,"你可能結束侮辱人。然後,是更好,聽聽您新的朋友談在他或她的生活。當然,他或她亦會對你的背景感到好奇。有尊重的差異將會不可避免地出現的。如果你感興趣,舍利子穿的印度朋友,給她講講從您所在國家的傳統服裝。有懷疑,不要害怕問問題。隨著時間推移,你會成為習慣了你的朋友的風格的服飾、 肢體語言,和語音模式 — —,反之亦然。.

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