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cherry 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

英文演講-my dream






Everybody has there own dream.Some people want to be ateacher some people want to be a chiefexecutive officer and some people wantto be a scientist…And my dream is to be a lawyer.When I was a child, mygrandfather's house was collapse in an earthquake.We feel very strang becausethat house was just build.Then we discover the cause .The construction businesswas jerry-built.So my grandfather as soon as is mad sues the court.But theconstruction business employ a famous lawyer and my grandfather just employ hislawyer’s friend because he didn’t have lots of money.Then my grandfather lose alawsuit.After that event,I want to be a lawyer.Because I feel the law is thatthe innocent person disclosure justice.Isnot for the authority person abuse. I know is noteasy to make the dream comes true,but I will strive to study,learn about lawand the most important thing is to persevere inbecome a sense of justice lawyer.

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  • 8 年前

    Everybody has his or her (如果要用everybody後面就不能接their) own dream. Some people want to be teachers (因為是用some所以後面要接複數); some want to be successful business owners (我覺得用CEO指的範圍太小了,但是如果你覺得ok的話,那也可以) ;and some want to be scientists. As for me, my dream is to become a lawyer.


    When I was a child, my grandfather's house collapsed due to an earhquake. Our family thought it was strange for a newly built house to just fall down like that, so we decided to investigate on the cause of this collapse. We then discovered that the construction crew was responsible for the fall of this house: It did not hold up its responsibility of building a safe and stable house. My grandfather was furious when he found this out, so he soon sued the company for its unsatifactory service. However, my grandfather was at a huge disadvantage at the court. Since the construction company hired a reputable (這個字有好的意思,如果你覺得不適當也可以換成famous) lawyer to defend against my grandfather, who could only afford to hire a local lawyer friend, our family did not have a great chance of winning the case. And as predicted, my grandfather ended up losing the lawsuit. After such incident, I felt the need to become a lawyer who can help do justice to the ordinary citizens. I strongly believe that it is not right for people of high authority to dictate the courtrooms just because they are wealthy enough to hire good lawyers.

    I know it may not be easy to make this dream come true, but I will definitely try my best to study hard, learn about the law and its nature, and, most importantly, preserve the sense of justice a lawyer should have.

    我覺得你原本寫的就不錯:)我只是把不順的地方跟一些文法改了一下,然後順便加了一些字讓文章遍比較長一點. 希望沒有改變你原本想表達的意思!



    參考資料: 個人翻譯
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