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lkk 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


有誰可以幫忙翻成英文, 麻煩請不要用翻譯機翻譯,謝謝我的名字是XXX,在XX公司擔任品保,主要工作內容為:(1)驗貨部份負責進貨(料)和出貨檢驗,也負責第一次的送樣檢驗;我們於每批進貨至少會留有1pc留底,當產品品質有異常或客戶抱怨時,負責不良品之分析與追蹤,針對異常作統計並記錄於品質計劃書(QualityInspection Plan)。(2)量測儀器部份針對儀器,我們有訂期委外校驗或自校、保養,並有校驗記錄可查詢。(3)綠色環保部份由公證公司的電子報下載有關綠色環保的資料,例如RoHS、WEEE、REACH…..等,並存放在公司的伺服器裡;若客戶有要求SGS的RoHS報告或材質證明,由我們負責提供給客戶。以上是我的工作介紹,謝謝大家



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    My name is XXX, taking charge of quality control, and here comes up the detailed tasks description:1. Product inspection:I am responsible for inspection on receiving raw material, shipping products and testing of initial sampling; at least one piece of product would be kept as evidence while receiving material from outsourcing for each batch. As long as any abnormal condition or customer issues occurred, I am the person who needs to take charge of analysis and tracing all the defectiveness and then record abnormal statistics within QualityInspection Plan afterwards.

    2. Calibrators

    We (Our division) always verify, calibrate,maintain such devices like that in-house or give them to other outsources that we entrusted. The records are also available to be checked up when needed.

    3. Green Environmental Policy

    Any data (such as: RoHS、WEEE、REACH.. etc.) related to green environmental policy, which are downloaded from e-papers issued by certification authorities, would be stored in serve; once RoHS reports or material certificates of SGS are requested by our clients, relevant documents will be delivered.

    The above descriptions are my personal introduction, thanks for all of you.

    註:你的中文最後一句是寫謝謝大家,但是如果真正在面試時只有一個人,請自行將thanks for all of you改正為so appreciate.以免讓人覺得奇怪.

    參考資料: 過去品保的經驗
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  • 阿昌
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    8 年前

    My name is XXX, XX company as quality assurance, the main tasks are:

    (A) part of the inspection

    Responsible for the purchase of (material) and shipment inspection, and is also responsible for the first time to send the sample test; purchase at least leave the end of 1pc to stay in each batch of product quality anomalies or customer complaints, responsible for defective products and tracking, exception for the statistics and records in the quality plan (QualityInspection plan).

    (2) measurement instrument part

    For the instrument, we have a set of outsourcing calibration or self-calibration, maintenance, and calibration records can be found.

    (3) green part

    Download information on the green by the notary newsletter, such as RoHS, WEEE, REACH, ..... and so on, and kept in the company's server; if the customer requirements SGS RoHS report or material certification by us is responsible for providing to customers.

    Above is the introduction of my work, thank you

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