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chong 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

英文高手請進,幫幫忙, 萬分感謝!!


1. If ________ , please visit our website. (B)

a. you have interested

b. you are interested

c. are interested

d. interest

2. Each dining room ________ of 100 people. (A)

a. has a capacity

b. has a capable

c. capable

d. is capacity

3. We can offer shuttle vehicles ________. (D)

a. of 50 people

b. of up to 50 people

c. that hold up 50 passengers

d. that hold up to 50 passengers

4. How _________ ? (C)

a. to cooperation

b. should to cooperation

c. should I cooperate

d. should cooperate

5. I want ________. (D)

a. to learn the english

b. to learn the English

c. to study about English

d. to study the English language

6. I ________ in this group. (C)

a. feel interesting

b. feel and interest

c. am interested

d. could interest

7. ________ were so succesful ! (B)

a. It's really surprised that we

b. It's really surprising that we

c. It surprising we

d. It surprised us

8. ________ "more food?" (B)

a. How to you say

b. How should I say

c. How say

d. How to should say

9. Our main objective is to raise the workers' ________ of living. (C)

a. environment

b. standard

c. price

d. capacity

10. Please note that I ________ you had requested. (C)

a. have enclosed the information

b. have enclose the informations

c. have enclosed the informations

d. have enclose information

11. The Landmark Hotel ________ the street overpass. (B)

a. is nearby to

b. is near

c. is near to

d. near

12. I am ________ enough money. (C)

a. sorry about I do not have

b. sorry no

c. sorry that I do not have

d. sorry do not have

13. If you prefer, you may ________ booking online. (B)

a. do

b. make our

c. make

d. have had

14. While on your vacation, please ________ ! (C)

a. enjoy in this wonderful place

b. have enjoy here

c. enjoy this wonderful place

d. enjoy here this wonderful place

3 個解答

  • C C
    Lv 6
    8 年前


    Standard of living 是一個common phrase, 並沒有price of living 這個詞


    Information 不能"數", 所以它的plural也是Information (not Informations).



    2012-03-07 03:35:33 補充:

    我不確定應該是A... 看句子的意思. 應該是 'If you prefer, you may "do the" booking online'. Do booking or do a booking 都不太對. 但是可以說"make a booking", 如你可以問hotel "how do I make a booking for a large group"? hotel 可能會回 "you can make the booking on our website".

    2012-03-07 03:36:51 補充:

    其實不多人用booking... 應該都用reservation吧.

    "I would like to make our reservation"

    "I would like to book our reservation"

    參考資料: I'm ABC... so you should always be suspicious of my grammars
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  • 8 年前

    我想也許是吧!因為我看過網站多數用make a booking, 謝謝你的解答.

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  • 心星
    Lv 6
    8 年前

    另外第13題答案應該是 a.

    訂位是 do booking 或 do a booking不是 make booking 或 make a booking.

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