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    Working in day-care centers served as instructor at the University, get along well with children, cultivating patience with me, improve my leadership skills, investment consulting company and insurance company executives had more lift I for data documentation and archiving of familiarity of the instruments, such as the making of policies and contracts, as well as in charge of the account of the matter of experience and efficiency. In addition to these works, in the high school also has been used in schools to serve as visiting personnel, commencement brochure made by the admissions or running on the phone during the examination room and interpretation courses.

    Due to small on mathematics interested in, in University period contact to has commercial subject, for digital sensitive of high, University and administrative work of experience also let I on Office software more more familiar, administrative work has been is I by ring to of work, not only test themselves is enough carefully and act cautious outside, do things has efficiency and learning ability fast of people more can competent this copies work, I wanted to I is for this copies work of. Other than work, for individual career planning, strengthening language skills is now an integral element of, license can let me have more expertise, and to continue to obtain a license and I will strengthen my language skills as the main target.

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    參考資料: 很實用的求職翻譯相關部落格
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    我男友說這ㄍ求職英文網站 希望有幫到