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    sweet treats 是指 「好吃的甜食」。

    treat 不一定是「點心」,是好吃的東西。朗文字典的解釋是:

    a special food that tastes good, especially one that you do not eat very often


    美國小孩過萬聖節,敲門要糖,人家一打開門就說 Trick or treat,「你要我整你還是要給我好吃的糖」,就是這樣的用法。

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    補充修正: 「不是經常吃得到的東西」,應該說是不是經常吃的東西。

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    Nobody says "treat" MUST be food. Treat as used in "sweet treats" is food.

    Are you not smart enough to see the difference. If you keep narrowing the perspective of discussion to a single tiny point, English language is DEAD.

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    Don't tell me that when kids are demanding treating, his mind is on hotel charges or movie tickets.

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    If you do have time, and you want to see what an English word really means, I suggest you go look up the meaning of "deal", as in "a great deal was accomplished in yesterday's meeting". I am sure that would be more helpful to you and to a bewildered questioner.

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    the deal done? what done? you should've said the deal "accomplished"

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    It is misleading to suggest "treat" (as in "my treat", "trick or treat") must be "food" of any kind.

    "Treat" is similar to 招待 which could be any services, celebrations, gifts out of courtesy or good will.

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    For example, when you pay the hotel bill, or movie ticket for your friends, you may say "my treat", not just for the restaurant bill. Of course, in case of "trick or treating", most of the treats are the "offering" of candies, not the candies per se.

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    So, in short, the "treat" is mostly the "good will of offering" but the not the foods or the services.

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    Lion Dude must have brought a lot of treats to the meeting yesterday so that we could have the deal done and sealed.

    Thanks for the treats - and they are sweets for sure.

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    What ever!

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