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Tectonic processes are the main earthstructure. The Earth has an outer silicate solid crust, a highly viscousmantle, a liquid outer core that is much less viscous than the mantle, and asolid inner core. Mechanically; it can be divided into lithosphere, asthenosphere,mesosphere, outer core, and the inner core. The interior of the earth isdivided into 5 important layers. Chemically, Earth can be divided into thecrust, upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core, and inner core. The lithosphere is creatingdifferent landforms and crustalmovement is the compositionof the mechanical movementof the substanceof the Earthdue to Earth'sinterior. It can cause the evolution ofthe lithosphere, prompting the mainland, theproliferation and disappearance of the ocean floor;and the formation of trenches andmountains; also leadto earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

不知道這樣寫對不對文法或用字 拜托英文好的大家了!!please!!!有點急

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  • 阿昌
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    8 年前

    The construction process is the main earthstructure. The Earth's outer silicate solid crust the highly viscousmantle, much less viscous than the mantle and core asolid liquid outer core. Machinery, it can be divided into lithosphere, asthenosphere, the middle layer, the outer core and the kernel. Earth's interior is divided into five major layers isdivided. Chemical, on Earth can be divided into thecrust upper mantle, lower mantle, outer core and the kernel.

    The lithosphere is creatingdifferent geomorphology, and crustalmovement compositionof mechanical movementof substanceof to Earth'sinterior Earthdue. It may lead to the evolution of the State Administration of Taxation lithosphere to promote continent, theproliferation, and the ocean floor disappeared; and the formation of the trenches andmountains;:   earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

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  • 8 年前

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