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  • 羅莉
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    9 年前

    人都不是完美的,都有缺點。中文說「都有缺點」, 英文卻不宜只說缺點, 而要把優缺點都說; 語意強調缺點,

    就把vices置前, 反之則把virtues置前.

    Men are not born perfect, but with vices and virtues.

    2012-03-20 14:52:07 補充:

    >To err is human; to forgive divine. (not "divines")

    It is a good piece, but not considered of equivalent meaning to the sentence in question, and thus the voting result.

    Not sure you're talking about me but sure I'm not an American princess..

    2012-03-22 09:16:24 補充:


    Shame on your dirty accusation! It's but a loser's comments.

    I absolutely did not use any "voting troop". Can you name anyone who voted my answer and was a member of such a voting troop?

    2012-03-22 09:17:03 補充:

    I certainly know divine can be used as a verb, but not in your sentence. Please consult your dictionary for its meaning when used as a verb.

    The verb "refines" in your other sentence is perfectly right, but does not suuport the wrong usage of "divines"

    參考資料: 羅莉 - 翻譯經驗
  • 9 年前


    = Not all men are perfect; they have their own defects.

  • 9 年前

    Easy, take this:

    To err is human; to forgive divines.

    Imperfection is common; discipline refines.

    2012-03-16 19:30:53 補充:

    Even though the answer does have some merit, the voting troop always taint the process. Just like democracy, what is important is not the outcome, but the process.

    Or is this American princess so naive that she must be from Venus?

    2012-03-21 11:50:22 補充:

    Probably you do not know divine was used as a verb as the next verse's refine. Right or wrong, you may argue for the merit of your answer. It is certainly shameless to use your voting troop.

    Please do not bring your dirty politics to YK+.

  • 9 年前

    People are not perfect, there are disadvantages.

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  • 9 年前

    人都不是完美的,都有缺點。A. No man is perfect! Each has his shortcomings/defects; drawbacks). B. All men are imperfect with their own shortcomings.