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印刷式目錄很難和其他編目組織、排版、校對、印刷 , 他們將在出版之前就過時 Printedcatalogs were hard to organize, with all the cataloging, typesetting,proofreading,and printing, and they were out of date before they were published.

在20世紀之前 , 我們知道沒有原則被訂下 , 標準化和國際化扮演了小角色Weknow of no axioms set down before the 1900s, and standardization andinternationalization played small roles 除了,或許, 在像亞歷山大圖書館(埃及)這樣的地方 , 一個巨大的圖書館擁有國際化的顧客(except,perhaps, at places like the Library of Alexandria, an enormous library with aninternational clientele).

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    印刷式目錄很難和其他編目組織、排版、校對、印刷 , 他們將在出版之前就過時 1.Printeddirectory is difficult and other cataloging organizations, typesetting, proofreading, printing, they will be out of date before publication

    在20世紀之前 , 我們知道沒有原則被訂下 , 標準化和國際化扮演了小角色

    2.Before the twentieth century, we know that there is no principle set, standardization and internationalization play a small role.

    除了,或許, 在像亞歷山大圖書館(埃及)這樣的地方 , 一個巨大的圖書館擁有國際化的顧客

    In addition, perhaps, in such places like the Library of Alexandria (Egypt), a huge library with international customers

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