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(急) LED介紹 幫忙翻譯成英文

LED(Light Emitting Diode)是一種固態化合物半導體組件,中文名“發光二極管”。發光二極管的核心部分是由p型半導體、n型半導體所組成的晶片,在p型半導體和n型半導體之間有一個過渡層pn結,注入的少數載流子與多數載流子(分別為負電的電子與正電的電洞)在復合時會把多餘的能量以光的形式釋放出來,從而把電能直接轉換為光能,因此屬於冷性發光無需暖燈時間,同時具有用電省、壽命長、反應快、體積小、可靠性高、耐用性好等多方面優點。 LED廣泛應用於平面顯示背光源、便攜設備背光源、室內外顯示屏、建築裝飾照明、儀器指示燈、交通信號燈、機動車照明、紅外線設備等各市場,近年來已成為光電產業發展最迅猛的領域之一。LED產業供應鍊主要包括LED基板材料(Sapphire)、上游LED外延(Epiwafer)的生產、中游LED芯片(Chip)的製造、下游LED芯片的封裝(Packaging)、LED終端應用等幾個環節。其中,外延技術含量最高,芯片次之,整體約佔LED產品製造成本的70%,LED產品發光的顏色、亮度在外延產出時已經基本決定。

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    LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a solid compound semiconductor components, Chinese names for "light emitting diode". Glow diode of core part is by p type semiconductor, and n type semiconductor by composition of chip, in p type semiconductor and n type semiconductor Zhijian has a transition layer PN knot, injection of minority carrier and most carrier (respectively for negative of electronic and positive of electric hole) in composite Shi will to extra of energy to light of form release out, to to power directly conversion for light, so belonging to cold sexual glow without warm lamp time, while has electricity province, and life long, and reaction fast, and volume small, and reliability high, and Good endurance, and many other benefits. LED backlight for wide applications in flat panel display, portable device back lighting, architectural lighting, indoor and outdoor display, instrument lights, traffic signals, lighting, infrared devices for motor vehicles and other markets, has in recent years become the optoelectronic industry one of the most rapidly developing areas.

    LED industry supply chain including LED substrate materials (Sapphire), the upper reaches of LED Epitaxial (Epiwafer) LED in the middle of production, chip (Chip) manufacture, downstream of LED chip packaging (Packaging), LED the Terminal application, and several links. Where extension of high technical content, chip times, overall approximately LED manufacturing costs of the product 70%,LED product color, brightness of the glow extension of output fundamental decisions at the time.

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