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As electronic commerce allows vast sums to change hands,fluctuations in domestic and reserve currencies can be swift and violent. The 1997 Asian financial crisis saw a variety of currencies come under attack,severly damaging local economies. Other crises in Mexico,Russia,and elsewhere have underscored the crippling impact of currency crises. Likewise,when the value of a reserve currency falls,nations can suffer huge losses. In response to this instability,a growing number of countries want to wipe the slate clean and put a single currency in place. Nations including China,Russia,India,and South Korea feel a global currency would stabilize financial markets while finally putting speculators out of business. A single currency would also reduce waste,as some $400 billion a year is spent on currency exchange fees. Among the supporters are prominent economists like Robert Mundell,the Nobel laureate who masterminded Europe’s transition to the euro. Another backer is the Single Global Currency Association,which hopes to see a global currency in place by 2025.

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    隨著電子商務的允許巨資易手,在國內和儲備貨幣的波動可以迅速和猛烈。 1997年亞洲金融危機中看到各種各樣的貨幣受到攻擊,severly破壞當地經濟。在墨西哥,俄羅斯和其他地方的其他危機都強調貨幣危機的沉重影響。同樣,儲備貨幣的價值下降時,國家可以蒙受巨大損失。在這種不穩定的回應,越來越多的國家要擦石板清理,並在一個單一的貨幣。國家包括中國,俄羅斯,印度,韓國感受到全球貨幣穩定金融市場,而終於把業務炒家。單一貨幣也將減少浪費,約400億美元,在貨幣兌換費花了一年。其中的支持者策劃歐洲過渡到歐元的諾貝爾經濟學獎得主羅伯特·蒙代爾,著名經濟學家。另一個支持者是全球單一貨幣協會,希望看到的地方,到2025年全球貨幣。

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