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蕙君 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


話筒上配置接聽及掛斷電話 超方便 頂級人工皮革 觸感100% 你知道手機的輻射是多少嗎? 通話過程中超過全安值多少倍嗎? 目前科學家普遍認為,長期接觸低於0.2μt的電磁輻射是安全的。但是,任何形式的人工電磁輻射都是對人體細胞有影響的,而我們接觸的大部分電器,會產生超過2μt的輻射。 手機是我們每天都要用到的電器,而手機的輻射值也確實大的驚人。由於手機屬於高頻功率(30MHz-2000Mhz),測試單位為微瓦每平方釐米,在待機情況下,手機的輻射值為0μw/cm2(微瓦每平方釐米),在呼叫的過程中,手機輻射瞬間達到301μw/cm2,約合3μt(微特斯拉),遠遠大於0.2μt的安全值,另外在打電話的過程中手機近距離貼到頭部,長時間通話影響更大,建議用戶使用耳機接聽。

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  • 8 年前

    Microphone configured on the answer and hang up the phone very convenient

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    Do you know how much cell phone radiation is?

    Exceeding the total value during the call as many times as you?

    Scientists generally agreed that long-term exposure to electromagnetic radiation of less than 0.2 μ of t is safe. However, any form of artificial electromagnetic radiation affecting human cells is, and most of the electrical contacts, will have more than 2 μ of t radiation.

    Phones are electrical appliances when we use every day, and the value of mobile phone radiation is indeed amazing. Due to phone belonging to high frequency power (30MHz-2000Mhz), test units for micro-Watts each square centimeters, in standby situation Xia, phone of radiation value for 0 μ w/cm2 (micro-Watts each square centimeters), in call of process in the, phone radiation moments reached 301 μ w/cm2, about-in 3 μ t (micro-Tesla), far is greater than 0.2 μ t of security value, also in call of process in the phone near distance posted to head, long time call effect more large, recommendations user using headphones received heard.

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