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經濟問題: 這裡的make sense 要怎麼解釋呢?

Money comes in many shapes and sizes but does that makesense in a globalised world?

如題,如果翻成" 錢的形狀和大小各不相同



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  • 9 年前

    Make Sense 在這裡的意思是“合理;有道理”。就好像我們說,“It makes sense to me.” 意思是“我看起來(聽起來;覺得)算是合理的。”


    2012-03-20 11:27:53 補充:

    If the question is about one universal currency for the global village, then the answer is simple: NO. That is why Greek debt problem is so messy now.

    2012-03-20 11:29:44 補充:

    Every country and economy should have its own currency. Each is to manage the responsibility and take the consiquence accordingly.

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  • 9 年前

    I am not sure the physical shapes of any currency (not money) is relevant to its globalization.

    Please note, money is a conceptual object that does NOT have shape. It has "value(s)". Only currency does have shapes.

    2012-03-20 08:12:53 補充:

    What master priest said does make sense!

    2012-03-20 08:36:12 補充:

    If you want to force a translation:

    money = 錢財 (has no physical shape)

    currency = 貨幣 (has physical shape)

    Good question from Cloudy, although you did not ask it, per se.

    2012-03-20 12:05:41 補充:

    Yahoo! I want to print my own currency as well. And I would make it in the unit of Love.