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貴公司您好:我是XXX,畢業於國立台北科技大學 創新設計研究所,希望有這個榮幸參予貴公司的面談。I’m Li Shih-chun, I graduate from National Taipei University of Technology, Dept. of industrial design Graduate institute of innovation & Design.I expect to be able to have the honor to interview .



During the study period, I studied the area of industrial design:

Including the proposal, planning, drawing and design.


Because my personality is very aggressive, I can be careful and conscientious to deal with something when I face it. I am proud of graduated from National United University, Department of industrial design engineering first 1 in class.




I hope I have good incentive pay and I do follow every policy that who employ me. and I will do my best for you.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------以下翻譯成英文,可用較順暢且易懂的方式;設計前先蒐集市場資訊,了解目前流行趨勢,設計產品外型及包裝設計,包含外型、顏色、使用方式。 與模型技術員討論設計的外型或包裝設計是否可行,確保設計品質。 針對設計好的外型與包裝設計做簡報,敘述設計理念,是否能與行銷做結合。 熟悉產品開發完整流程,具良好手繪草圖能力,針對所選定之主題,參與市場分析、設計構想、3d模擬至後段量產等任務。 擅於溝通與團隊合作,激勵團體士氣,並協助團隊完成設計創意發展。

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    Hello your company:

    I am XXX, graduated from National Taipei University of Technology Institute of innovative design, and hope to have the pleasure to participate in your company's interview.

    Industrial design in the related fields of study period:

    Including the proposal, planning, drawing and design.

    I actively aggressive personality, university graduation rates for the first deal with things is careful and conscientious.

    Schooling, the family is poor need their own work to earn tuition during the universities and research institutes, a former assistant within the restaurant kitchen to help cook preparation have also been studies cram high school guidance counselor, tutoring elementary and high school reading teacher, and during summer vacations to Taichung to help the mother engaged in fruit ice shop business.

    The first full-time work in the Lutheran housing, job objective for the Greater China reserve cadres, during the nine months of the in-service performance of about 141 million turnover number of 6.5. Won new commissioned TOP Award, Rookie of the second performance excellence topped Billboard, the turnover number reached two won the company rewards individual gold card, won the Central Quarter Service Quality Award.

    Let me grow a lot of job, learn how to communicate with others, to discuss how to understand customer needs and solve problems, so the customers' trust and support, and let me the reason of the performance growth.

    I approachable personality, and humbly ask for advice, looking forward to the next job to play the expertise for your company.

    Good treatment in the appropriate work, hoping to find a suitable job, I believe that I must expose to do everything, do my best for the company.


    1.Design before collecting market information, to understand the current fashion trends, design appearance and packaging design, including shape, color, and use.

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