give away...和give... away的差別

give away...和give...away




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    It is just matter of how long the object (受詞) is. If it is a long one, then you use "give away" to make it easy to read. Otherwise, you can place the object between "give" and "away" for example:

    I give away many stuffs that I don't need.

    I give them away.

    I give my computer away.

    Here "many stuffs that I don't need", "them", "my computer" are all objects.

    The reason you want to place a long object after "away" is because you don't want read to find what do you want to with the object. After all, there are other prepositions can be used with "give", for example: in, up, out, on, for... and so on. They mean differently with different preposition. Therefore, when you have a long object, you want to bring the preposition next to "give" to give the read a clear idea what your action is.

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    when you have a pronoun as "object", then it is better to place them between "give" and "with", because "pronoun" can represent many things in the sentence.

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    Therefore, it is better to place close with the verb, especially for a long sentence, so reader will not mistake the pronoun as for something else.

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    This kind of usage is very intuitive and logical, you don't need a grammar rule to tell you how to use them.

    2012-03-23 00:25:01 補充:

    "it is better to place close with the verb" I shall say it as:

    it is better to place closely with the verb that it is used as object for.

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  • 8 年前

    Know your collective nouns, or you will find yourself stuffing a sock in your oral orifice like a stuffed animal someday.

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  • 憬然
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    8 年前

    1. give away....和 give....away 意思是一樣的。但受詞如果是名詞,可把受詞擺在兩個字的中間或後面皆可。但受詞如果是代名詞,就必須把受詞擺在兩個字的中間。

    2. 例如:

    I give all my money away to my friend. 或

    I give away all my money to my friend. 皆可,同義。


    I give it away to my friend.


    I give away it to my friend.

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