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甲蟲 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

煩請達人指導英文"R 加一個框框"

torx 是註冊過的字,因此在使用這個字的時後, 必須在後面放上一個"R 加一個框框"的註冊商標, 而不是用 TM 這個字, 這樣才不會造成侵權的紛爭。



R 加一個框框, 其實就是 ® 這個字,英文是說成 registered mark.

但是在口語上, 跟他人溝通時,要怎麼形容 ?

Please put a registered mark ended with torx to prevent the pattent infringement

Fyi, the registered mark used should be " R with a cycle " instead of TM.

2 個已更新項目:

R with an outline ?

R with an outlined cycle ?

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  • 8 年前

    維基百科裡,registered trademark 這則 開宗明義說:The registered trademark symbol, designated by ® (the circled "R"), ........

    所以 ® 怎麼念,就知道了。(我也是現在纔知道!)


    再來,要釐清 registered 跟 TM 的差別。一旦某商標(trademark) 或字標(wordmark)申請註冊中,就可以在商標或字標後加個TM。表示已向國家商標單位申請註冊中。一但獲准登記許可時,就可以換成 ® . 這個是跟商標律師學來的,可參考 email 中之解釋。

    Hi, 3H-.......


    The Trademark Office should assign the mark to an Examiner shortly. In the mean time, we note that the 3H website is up and running, and wanted to let you know that 3H should add a “ TM ” symbol next to the 3H mark to indicate to others that trademark rights are claimed (the “ ® ” symbol may be used once the 3H mark achieves registration). We've attached a memo on proper trademark use for 3H's reference. We'll be in touch when we receive the first examination action, but please do not hesitate to contact us ......

    Best regards,XYZ


    torx 是註冊過的字,因此在使用這個字的時後, 必須在後面放上一個"R 加一個框框"的註冊商標, 而不是用 TM 這個字, 這樣才不會造成侵權的紛爭。

    "torx" is a registered wordmark. It should always indicated with a circled R, not TM, for avoidance of infringement (侵權) doubt.

    2012-03-25 00:40:10 補充:

    關於 trademark 與 wordmark 的分別,說來話長。擇機再聊,快了快了!

    2012-03-25 00:45:23 補充:

    少打個字 it should be always indicated with ........,

    避免日後可能發生的侵權可能,也可以寫成 for avoidance of potential infringement

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  • 甲蟲
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    8 年前

    Oh, good idea, A bug can be circled, then this bug should become a prisoner ^^

    2012-03-25 12:40:49 補充:

    Circle K, I do remember there was this kind convenient store in Taiwan ten years ago, while it has been mergered with " Familiy store" or someone others.

    2012-03-25 17:48:15 補充:

    天助兄, 多謝相助。

    不才有一個小小的疑問, 避免為何是用 avoid 不是 prevent ?

    某字後加上® , 我用ended with, 您大哥用 next to,

    不才的英文實在破, 可否指教一二 ?

    next to 是下一位, 或是隔壁的意思,ended with 是字尾加上xx的意思,

    在這兒的用法, next to 會比較好 ?

    2012-03-25 17:52:37 補充:

    上回 RJ大師教過我一個句子, Put the pot to the rack next to the kitchen sink for drying and excessive water drained. 所以,我個人覺得 next to 應該是旁邊, 或是比較近的地方,只是不懂這個近到底是有多近 ?

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  • 8 年前

    The registered trademark symbol ® is called as "circle R".

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  • 8 年前
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  • 8 年前

    Circle R, Circle K, Circle C and other Circle X are commonly used in the states. For example, Circle K is the name of a big convenient store+petro chain in US.

    2012-03-24 22:00:20 補充:

    I just registered "Circle Bug" as an exclusive trade mark.

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  • ( a circled R ? )

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