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中翻英 - Converging performance

以下是一段和紡織品有關的敘述,converging performance算是它的小標題。

Converging performance

Translucency and layering options reshape technical knits. Shiny or rubberised resins, foam or fibre inserts, and needle-punching lends modernity to fine wool, cotton, viscose and nylon knits.


我的問題是:這裡的converging是不是等同於focusing on?若是如此,那我將此小標題翻成「注重機能性」恰不恰當?





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  • 8 年前

    I think, it is better to be translated as "彙集不同的機能性" or "趨於同樣的機能性"

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    First, you need to know what "converge" means in English:

    1. to tend or move toward one point or one another :

    come together : <converging paths>

    2. to come together and unite in a common interest or focus

    From the above definition, you can see "converge" does have "focus" meaning, but it is "unite in a common focus". The key word is "unite" not focus. Therefore, your saying about " focusing on" is not suitable in this case.

    Now, looking the #1 definition, it says "converging paths" means two paths converge to an intersection (a point). That is why it says "tend or move toward one point or one another". Therefore, your second saying "彙集多種機能性 " is better. However, "彙集多種" seems to be a little overstated, because in the paragraph you have stated after this title, all it says is difference kind of performance coming together to "knits". Therefore, I would prefer to translate it as "趨於同樣功能 ( knits 產品)".

    This is my own personal opinion, I think you are in textile field for a while, so you might have better understanding than I do. My saying is just an ordinary people's opinion.

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  • 阿昌
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    8 年前


    focusing on重點

    注重機能性Focus on functional

    兼具多種機能性Both a variety of functional

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  • 8 年前

    DaSaGwa :

    謝謝您。我覺得 "彙集不同的機能性" 比較好。好,那我就用這個。

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  • Shuang
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    8 年前


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