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請英翻中Within 1-3 years,as people


Within 1-3 years,as people settle into a more stable relationship,these chemicals return to normal levels. Yet that isn’t the end of love’s impact. People in long-term relationships show elevated levels of oxytocin,a hormone associated with forming nurturing bonds and maintaining trust. Another brain chemical,serotonin (which is associated with calmness),is also higher during this period. MRI scans have revealed that even after 20 years of marriage,people show increased activity in regions associated with these substances.

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    在1-3年內,隨著人們定居到一個更穩定的關係,這些化學物質恢復到正常水平。然而,這不是愛的影響結束。人們在長期的合作關係,表明催產素,形成培育債券和維持信任的一種激素的水平升高。另一種大腦化學物質5 - 羥色胺(冷靜),在此期間也高。核磁共振成像掃描儀發現,甚至20年的婚姻後,人們在與這些物質有關地區增加活動。

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