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He is much the best boyHe is the very best boy

2.take it for granted為什麼granted要加ed呢?不是在介系詞(for)之後,要加ing嗎?

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    First, you need to know both "very" and "much" are used as adverbs in the sentences you have provided. The reason they are positioned like the way in the sentences is:

    "very" can ONLY be used to with "superlative" (最高級)., so it will be placed in front of the adjective superlative (形容詞最高級). for example:

    This is the very best game I have played lately.

    "much" can used with both "superlative" and "comparative", so it will be placed in front of the comparative, for example:

    Your house is much bigger than mine. ( you cannot use "very" in this sentence )

    Since it is used like above for comparative, so for the superlative, it is used as:

    He is much the best boy

    In a word, this is just a customary usage. There is NO real reason why they are used like you have said.

    Take it for granted, why "for" is a preposition and it shall follow with a noun (or V-ing), but in this case it follows with a PP (past participle). The reason is it omits:

    Take it for (that is) granted.

    Here, "that is granted" is a "noun" clause and uses as object for "for".

    Hence your concern is correct. It is just that people like to make the sentence concise and strong, so they omit "that is".

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    On the other hand, when you use "take it for granted", since "it is granted by someone". Therefore, it is better to use passive tense (被動時態).

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    Grammar rules don't change, they just have exceptions, but the sentence can. However, when the sentence changes, it still follow the grammar rules in a certain way. This is the problem when you try to use grammar to explain or govern the sentence structure.

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    When you are a skillful grammar user, then there will be no problem. However, I like to suggest you to read and listen more, give it enough of time, grammar rules will automatically embedded into your English knowledge. By that time, you will be able to use grammar skillfully.

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    1.much修飾the best,the very best=the only best

    2.take...for granted是一個固定的片語,要背起來。