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英文throw fling pitch seize有差嗎

throw fling pitch seize 這四個英文單子都有抓的意思 有何差別嗎

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    throwß主要為丟擲之意,沒有抓的意思fling<- to throw or push (something) in a sudden and forceful way故與throw只差突然或猛力丟擲,沒有抓的意思pitchß- to throw or toss (something)也是丟擲的意思,尤其用在”投”球的投字上沒有抓的意思Seizeß to forcefully take and hold (someone or something) with your hand or arms這字才有抓的意思She threw/flung/pitched her hat into the air.(她把帽子丟了出去)都對,但都沒有抓的意思 She seized him by the arm, lest he would gone forever. 她緊抓住他的手臂唯恐他一去不回

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    In fact, ONLY "seize" in your list has the meaning of "抓". The rest are quite the opposite, they have the meaning of "投, 擲, 拋, 扔".

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    Now, the difference among "throw, fling, pitch" is NOT that easy to say. However, I just like to tell the simplest way to distinguish them:

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    Among "throw, fling, pitch",

    "fling" is the one that is the rudest, it means to throw with a

    violent force.

    2012-03-28 12:08:39 補充:

    "throw" is just a very regular verb. You can use it for all kind of

    action, but you got to remember, it needs some force (effort) just

    not as violent as "fling".

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    If you want a verb that does not need

    that much force, then you use "toss" (like "toss a cigarette butt".

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    "pitch", if it means "投", it usually uses with baseball game. It means

    "to deliver or to serve (the ball) to the batter". Therefore, it

    means "to throw with a certain purpose".

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    There are other words related to "投", for examples:

    sling, cast, hurl

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    You can research them in the internet. To use these words properly, you need to use them by reading or listening, so you can get a feeling about them. Otherwise, just knowing the difference may NOT help you to use them when you want to use them.

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    master Geoffrey, I didn't know you have already posted your answer while I was writing mine. Since our answer are about the same, so I move mine to opinion as reference.

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