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關於空中英語教室3/22(Ring 和 Rink 的差別)

Ring 和 Rink 的差別


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    Brian: So Ken, have you made any plans for the weekend.

    Ken: Yeah, I am gonna go skating with John.

    Brian: Oh, cool! Skating is a lot of fun.

    Ken: Well, I hope it is! I've never skated before. Hey, Brian. I've just go an email from John telling me to meet him at the skating rink. I think he made a mistake.

    Brian: Oh, yeah? Where's the mistake?

    Ken: He wrote skating "rink," r-i-n-k. Isn't it suppose to be "ring," r-i-n-g?

    Bring: No Ken, the area for skating is called a rink, r-i-n-k.

    Ken: But its shape is round.

    Brian: True. Most rings are round, but the word "rink" refers to the flat smooth surface, and not the shape of the rink. And oddly enough Ken, not all the things called "rings" are round. For example, a boxing ring's actually square.

    Ken: What about wrestling? What do you call the area for wrestling?

    B: You call that a ring as well, but you play hockey in a rink.

    K: I see. So deffernt sports are played in different places with defferent names.

    B: That's right. Most outdoor sports, like baseball, soccer, football, and field hockey, of course, are played on a field.

    K: You said "most" ourdoor sports are played on a field, so is there an exception?

    B: Yes, golf is played on a course, because you have to go one hole to the next according to an assigned route. That's why it's called a course.

    K: Oh, like an obstacle course.

    B: Yup, you got it.

    K: Ok, what about indoor sports?

    B: Well, most indoor sports are played on a court. Especially a sport that use a net, like tennis, volley ball, and basketball.

    K: Hm, interesting! Well, thanks for the English lesson.

    B: You bet! Enjoy your time at the rink!

    K: I'll try!


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    Especially a sport that use a net, like tennis, volley ball, and basketball.

    應修正為:Especially "sports" that use......


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    板大可以點進 GOOGLE 圖片, 就可以看見 RINK, RING


    再次說謝, 謝謝小雲大大的指導。