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  • 9 年前

    My interpersonal relationship:

    1. I am a very stubborn person, not allowing others' disagree and challenges.

    2. I don't reveal my background and real thoughts easily, not allowing others to see how I am hurt, then express myself differently when dealing with different people.

    Successful interpersonal relationship

    1. I have a group of partners, cherishing the same ideals and taking the same course. Friendship is very important to me. As long as I take one as a friend, I will treat them sincerely, as treating myfamily.

    2. I would advise friends when they are living in bad habits, and encourage and accompany them to walk through their low tide, in order to move on. As a result, I have a group friends, accompanying me through the high and low.

    Unsuccessful Interpersonal relationship:

    1. I remain cautious with others, which causes in distance and poor interaction with people.

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  • 9 年前

    My personal relationships1. I am a very hard temper, not allow others do not believe that and challenges.2. will not readily disclose their background and true ideas, do not let anyone see his wound, and then showed a different to different people.

    Successful relationships1. I have a group of like-minded partners, I am feeling, as long as the heart finds friends, are really treated like family.2. always bother to call each other bad habits, well-meaning friends and relatives stand out of the low tide, cheer up, so I have a moment with me mate.

    Unsuccessful relationships1. sometimes people will remain wary, causing the gap between people, and people may not have good interaction.

  • 9 年前

    I am a temperament am very hard, will not allow others not to believe and the challenge.只會這句

  • 9 年前

    My relationships

    (1)I hard a temper would not allow other people do not believe and challenges.

    (2)Not easily disclose their own background and the idea would not let anyone see their hurt, and then show the different states to different people.

    Successful relationships

    (1)I have a group of like-minded partners, my heavy feelings, as long as it is truly recognized by friends, will really be treated, like one family.

    (2)Often taken great pains to exhort each other unhealthy habits, more earnestly to be relatives and friends bravely out of the low tide, cheer up, so I have a group always accompany the partner at my side.

    Unsuccessful relationships

    (1)Sometimes people will remain wary of causing the gap between people, and others may not have a good interaction.