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這首個的前半段是Lady marmalade 那後半段是?

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這首個的前半段是Lady marmalade 那後半段是?

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    《Artist》: Sean Paul《Song Title》: Three Little Birds《From The Album》: Shark Tale [ Enhanced, Soundtrack ]《Original Release Date》: 2004《Lyrics》: Of Lyrics》[Intro: Sean Paul]

    Well easy don't worry all you life away

    You saying a lot of prayers to the devil I say, I say

    Jah live, Jah live

    So then me go so then...

    [Chorus: x2]

    Don't worry (easy you brain), about a thing (do you hear what we say)

    Every little thing is gonna be alright (Well listen we again)

    [Verse 1: Ziggy Marley]

    Woke up this morning, smile with the rising sun (Yeah-Yeah!)

    Three little birds, pitched by my doorstep (Yo-Yo!)

    Singing sweet songs (hey now), of melodies pure and true (Hey now!)

    Singing, this is my message to you...

    [Verse 2: Sean Paul]

    Hey yo! Hey yo! Hey yo!

    Bless up don't stress up and no matter worry your brain

    Listen the lyrics what the message contains!

    High pon know me guy you know Jah never go on rain

    So why body complain, yo

    Life is a road so there you fi choose the right lane

    Some people f***ers them energy can bare pain

    Never acknowledge all a the blessing them gain, that's why we keep on saying

    [Bridge: Sean Paul]

    Yo, don't worry...

    We haffi live life true yeah (Jah bless!)

    We know life is such a heavy load...

    So why we telling them again!

    [Chorus x2]

    [Verse 3: Sean Paul]

    Positive living yeah-man so we do the thing

    Jah-Jah keep giving so everyday we haffi sing

    Live up you passion because we know it must live

    Who a try test you with negative get a sting

    Them kick up a ground and still bow to the king

    Evil them plot up that still is controlling

    Lie them never trust in Jah love amazing

    Fire ever blazing!

    [Bride 2: Sean Paul]

    Yo keep moving

    Cause we live life true yeah

    We know life is such a heavy load

    But Jah bless we again

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    Sean Paul - Three Little Birds


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