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小P 發問時間: 藝術與人文詩詞與文學 · 8 年前

中翻英 心得 20點喔!!


注意時態的變化 和句型結構

謝謝喔 20點喔 :-*

感謝學校給我這個機會讓我到校外參加演講比賽,指導老師總是跟我說名次不重要,累積實戰的經驗才是王道寫好了演講稿,在下課時間、午休時間、放學時間,一再地拿出作文搞不斷的背誦,也練習著如何把感情融入演講中,在比賽的前幾天也把指導老師說的缺點一一改正,同學們也給予很多的加油與鼓勵,家人也支持著我面對比賽的舞台-我準備好了。出場的順序我是第14號 聽完前面參賽者的演出,真是「人外有人,天外有天」­­­。但我不退縮,因為我有足夠的練習和親人、朋友與老師的支持,終於我完成了這項任務也得到好的成績。我想對我身邊的人說-多謝你們

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  • Wangt
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    I appreciate that school offered me this opportunity to join a speech contest outside the school. My teacher always tells me that the result of the contest isn't important but the experiences I gain from the contest. I practiced and memorized the speech when having free time and tried to read it with my emotion. Days before the contest, my teacher attempted to correct mistakes I had made during the speech and my friends and family encouraged and supported me a lot. I told myself I am ready. I was number 14 so I had the change to listen to other contesters' performances before I was on the stage. I was surprised that there was always someone better than others. I couldn't hold back because I came prepared and had the support from my family and friends. Finally, I completed this task and got a good result. I want to say to you who stay with me "thank you so much".


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  • 8 年前


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  • 8 年前

    Thank the school for giving me this opportunity to let me outside the school speech contest.

    The instructor always told me that the ranking is not important, the cumulative actual combat experience is king

    Written speech, during recess, lunch time, school hours,

    Repeatedly come up with essay to engage in the constant recitation of practicing how to feelings into speech,

    A few days before the game, the instructor said that the shortcomings of correction

    The students also give a lot of fuel and encourage family support

    Faced with the stage of the game - I'm ready.

    Order of appearance of the No. 14 show hearing in front of contestants,

    Really "man day" ---.

    But I do not flinch, because I have enough practice and their loved ones, friends and teacher support

    I finally completed this task and also get good results.

    I want to say - thank you all for the people around me


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    參考資料: google, 自己
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