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全世界僅臺灣產製,由採自受葉小綠葉蟬吸食之青心大冇滿幼嫩茶芽,經手工攪拌控制醱酵,使茶葉產生獨特的蜜糖香或熟果香,為新竹縣北埔、峨眉、橫山及苗栗縣頭屋、頭份和台北石碇、坪林一帶茶區所產特色茶。 白毫烏龍茶以芽尖帶白毫愈多愈高級而得名,採幼嫩芽葉製成,含豐富的胺基酸,茶湯滋味較甘醇潤滑,又採重醱酵處理,滋味不苦澀,具天然的熟果香及蜂蜜味,色澤白、綠、黃、紅、褐相間,形狀宛如花朵,為其品質特徵。

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    I think this is about 東方美人茶 or 膨風茶. I like and know about this tea, so let me try to translate it for you.

    In the whole world, Taiwan is the only place cultivates and produces this kind of tea. Not only the newly grown tea leave and tips, of tea bush called "Chin-Shin-Dapang", are plucked, but also these leaves are bitten by insects call leaf hoppers (Cicadellidae: Jacobiasca formosana (Paoli)) for its special flavor. Through hand-mixing to control fermentation, it makes tea leaves producing special honey or fruit favor. It is a featured tea that is produced in the area like: Hsinchu County: Beipu, Ermei, Hunsan; Miaoli County: Toawu, Toafen; Taipei: Cerdin, Pinlin. White Tip Oolong tea is named because its tip has pekoe. The more pekoe on the tip, the better quality it is. It is made from only the young leaves and tips and full of amino acid. By adapting a heavily fermenting process, the tea produces a sweet tasting bright-reddish orange tea liquor without a strong bitterness, and with naturally ripen fruit scents and honey favor. Its quality characteristics exhibits leaf coloration of dark purple and brown tones with white hairs and shapes like a flower.

    Do you produce this kind of tea?

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    I, myself, am from LuGu, NanTou where the DongDin Oolong Tea is from. Therefore, I am very interesting in know this kind of tea. If you do produce this kind of tea, can you let me know your contact information? Thanks a lot !

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    by insects call leaf hoppers ===> by insects called leaf hoppers

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    World's only Taiwan, taken from Ye Xiao green leafhopper smoking watery green heart full of tender tea shoots, by manual mixing control make the leaven, tea leaves have a distinctive honey flavor or cooked fruit, Hsinchu County, North Po, Emei, Hengshan and estates, Toufen Miaoli County head Taipei Shi Ding, ping forest area and features produced by tea-tea. White cents oolong tea to bud tip with white cents more more more senior and named, mining young shoots leaves made, with rich of amine base acid, tea taste more glycol lubrication, and mining heavy make leavened processing, taste does not bitter, with natural of cooked fruit fragrant and the honey taste, color white, and green, and yellow, and red, and Brown phase, shape like flowers, for its quality features.

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