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Busting Loose from The Money

Busting Loose from The Money Game

是本外國書的原名,台灣出版書名~ 你值得過更好的生活。

請高手幫我解釋 Busting Loose from The Money Game 這句話?

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    "bust loose" means "you try hard to break away". For example:

    You try hard to bust loose from the grip of life.

    "money game" is just usual things like: work to make money, invest to make money. However, it also implies "you are held (約束) in the money making cycle".

    Therefore, "busting loose from the money game" means "you try hard to break away from the hold of money making cycle" (it implies that such a cycle is difficult and hard). That is why it got translated as "你值得過更好的生活".

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    To Kyle!

    You have ask the same question a couple of more times, and indicated "answer in Chinese only". If my all English answer offend you, please let me know, I can remove it !

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    typo: a couple of ==> a couple

    offend ===> offends

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    Yes, the answer is intelligent and smart.

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  • 8 年前

    Great answer!Dude!

    Especially the "money cycle" illustration,thumbs up!

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