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瑩瑩 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前





A:What would be your choice if you really had to give up one of the five sence?

B:I think...I probably will give up sense of taste.

A:Why?Why is the sense of taste?You'll not know the taste of food in your last life!

B:Because I can't give up hearing and the sense of sight.

If I can't taste any delicious food maybe would make me look thin.

A:Wow,you are so special,I think the sense of taste is important to me.

B:However,comparing to other senses,I think sense of taste is not so important to me.

A:Why?The way,you can't eat any delicious food in the world.

B:That's OK.I am not interested in eating delicious food around the world.

A:No~delicacy is very important.Trying to imagine about that,OK? So yummy,right?

B:Yes...But music is my life.If I could not hear,I can not play the guitar anymore.

A:Wow!Can you play the guitar?You are a genius! I think that is so hard and fingers are so hurt.

B:Nothing can fail me off ! It's a piece of cake.

A:You must really like music.Can you play the guitar to me next time?

B:No problem! Next week I have a concert in a live house,you can go there and appreciate my guitar performance.

A:OK,I will join it.

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    A: What would be your choice if you really had to give one of the five senses up?

    B: I think..., I would probably give up the sense of taste.

    A: Why is the sense of taste? Giving it up would disable you to taste any of food in your life!

    B: Because I cannot give up both of the two senses of sight and hearing. Furthermore, I might be thin if I could not taste food anymore.

    A: Wow, you are so special. I think the sense of taste is always important.

    B: In my thought, the sense of taste is not that necessary compared with the other senses.

    A: Why? You would no longer enjoy any delicious food in the world because of your loss of it.

    B: It is fine though. I am not interested in lovely food wherever I am.

    A: No, I would say being able to enjoy them is important. At least, it is important to me. Why do you not try to imagine of having them everyday in your life? You would know it is quite enjoyable if you do.

    B: I agree with you, however music is much more like my life than enjoying food is. To give up playing the guitar would be the only choice if I could no longer hear.

    A: Wow, you play the guitar! You are very cool! I think it is quite difficult and hurts fingers a lot.

    B: o.O

    A: You must like music very much. May I have a chance to see you play the guitar?

    B: Sure. I am going to have a concert at (a what? what is a "live house"?) next week. Come and Join us anytime during it.

    A: Sure, I would like to!

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