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The owl is a kind of interesting animal. In Taiwan,some aborigines think it's a god that take care of babies,but some of them hate it.And in Japan,when they find them,it is a good omen.In Indian fairy tales,owls bring fortune.Some countries think that the owl is very smart, so in some stories,owls are nice doctors and so on.They live around the world,we can find them in Europe or Asia.But it's strange that there aren't any owls in China before, scientists are researching why they don't live over there.They're a;; carnivorous,they eat forgs,insect,little birds and some mammals.They will swallow a whole animal,and then spew out the bones of it.When they fly in the morning,they can't contral the way very well,like a zonked man,it's so funny.If they take fright at something,they will become skinny and tall,but I think it can't scare away any predator,because it's so cute(接下來請幫忙加)

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  • 8 年前

    There are things attached to the images of owl. Such as an owl portrayed to be a wise man, a guru, an old doctor in folk tales, or in cartoons. Often you also can see pictures of an drowsing owl sitting on a branch of tree, goofing his daytime off in order to wake up in the night to do his work. That's why people always call them "night owls".

    I don't know if they are really smart or not, but owls play a great role in balancing the nature habitants. Their night activities are critical to meet the activity of the other kind of animals - the rodent. Rodents come out of cave to seek food in nights, especially in farms where they eat the roots of plants. Owl moves out to catch rodents in night, while no other creature is capable to assume this responsibility.

    Owl is man's best friend, I hope one day they can become pets of humans, like dogs and cats. Why not, they are all helpers to our living, why don't we welcome and bring them into our family?

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    The owl also known as the owl, the owl only people given a commonly known. It is a nocturnal bird of prey an owl-shaped head, there are roughly 200 species, is one of the world's most widely distributed birds; In addition to the Antarctic region around the world can see the sign of the owl, which learned that owls adapt capacity of the environment is quite high. not necessarily living in the tropical rainforest.

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