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誰可以幫我翻譯以下文章呢 ? 小弟奉上20點

拜託囉 ~ 千萬別用google翻譯 不然我怕文法錯很多 .... 感激不盡 :")



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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    The general clock to the dual movement of which a special counter-clockwise movement, and increase the sense of three-dimensional with dislocation to create a pointer misplaced feeling double-layer acrylic, allowing users to visually have notlike a new experience, to make hard and fast life, increase a lot of fun living, allowing users to stop and enjoy the busy life, together with the minutes to think from different angles.


    Will focus on time as the "twelve" and "three" and "six" "9:00" the details of the make-up of metal material screws to increase the day texture acrylic material using a large area so that the bell will not looks heavy, due to the thickness of the limitations of anti-people feel the clock face is lightweight and clean so simplified in order to highlight that particular illusion sense.

  • 9 年前

    Will General of clock to double machine heart and which a star for special of counterclockwise machine heart, and used double pressure acrylic increased stereo and dislocation sense to manufacturing out pointer dislocation of feel, let user in Visual Shang has has does not as of new feel, makes stone of life in the increased has many life has fun, let user in busy of life in the static Xia heart to enjoy, and Bell together from different angle to thinking.-------------------------------------------Will focus on the time included "12 points" and "three-point" and "six points" or "nine" cosmetic screws in metal materials has increased the sense of detail.Use large acrylic material that Bell does not look bulky because of limited thickness of, and makes it lightweight and cleanThe clock face is so simplified in order to highlight the special sense of illusion.