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我很想妳 但我幾乎一直都在線上等 就是等不到妳 就算等到了 妳也不理我 也許妳是有什麼原因吧 妳說別想太多 又怎麼能不想呢? 我中毒了 我情不自禁

跟妳聊天 跟妳講話 我很快樂 我很珍惜每次跟妳聊天的機會 每次我都要在心裡打草稿打很久 想想這次要變什麼魔術給妳看? 要跟妳講什麼話? 或要買什麼東西送妳? 真的每次都要準備好久 很多魔術都忘記了 都還要在練習一次

我很喜歡妳 但不能愛上妳 妳也是

我其實很希望妳可以把我當成好朋友 希望妳可以打通電話給我 或打封簡訊給我


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  • 8 年前

    I miss you so bad. I keep waiting on line and wish to see if you are on, but my wish never come true. I know that even if you are on, you won't want me to bother you. I keep telling myself that maybe you have some reasons. You said it's nothing, but how can I keep it from my mind? I got enchanted by you, and I don't know what to do.

    I felt happy whenever I talked to you and I cherished every time that I can do that. I always think for so long before I talk to you, thinking about what i can show you(maybe some magic things), what i want to say, or what to buy for a present. They really took much of my time, and I always prepared for so long. Sometime I would forget, so I practiced and practiced.

    I like you very much, but i cannot love you. So do you.

    Actually, I wish you could take me as your good friend, hoping that you can call me or send messages to me. Then I would be so glad.


    參考資料: 自己, google translation
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