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佳盈 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


每到悠閒的假日時光,我總是手拿著小說,吃著餅乾只有此時我才能拋開一切煩擾,心事,當我的腦海浮現各種故事情節,我就能感覺到血液的沸騰,那種熱血 那種身歷其境,是言語所無法形容的。我常常跟著小說情節,又哭又笑的,只有這時,我才能表現出最沒有經過包裝的我,我想為自己痛哭一場,為自己大笑一場,我不願意為別人而包裝自己卻不得被現實生活中所迫,如果人生可以重來,我想像小說中的女主角一樣能勇敢表現自己追求自己想要的生活。 各類書籍,我都來者不拒,但有礙於年紀的關係,我可是乖乖地都沒有看限制級文學。 我常說:「我的男朋友是愛情小說。」 他帶我嚐盡愛情的酸甜滋味,明確來說,他是補充我精神上最大的養分來源。 看小說不僅可以豐富我們的生活,也可以訓練國文能力,使文筆更加流暢,內容也要能打動人心,在這快速進步的時代,小說也是一項和社會溝通很好的管道,如此一來,看小說的益處可說是一舉數得。



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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    To a relaxing holiday time, I always hand novels, only this time I can put aside all the annoyance eating biscuits on my mind, when my head emerged in the story, I can feel the blood boiling, the kind ofthe blood kind of immersive environment, words can not describe. I often follow the novel's scenes, laughing and crying, and only then, I can show most have not been packed, and I wept for themselves a good laugh, I do not want to packaging but may not be for others. in real life force, life can be repeated, I think of a novel's heroine is brave enough to express themselves to the pursuit of the life you want.

    All kinds of books, I turn them away, but hinder the relationship between age, but girl did not look at the restricted literature.

    I often say: "My boyfriend is a love story." I tasted the sweet and sour taste of love, clearly, he is to supplement the spirit of the largest sources of nutrients.

    Read the novel can not only enrich our lives, can be trained Chinese ability to make the writing more fluid, the content should be able to move people in this age of rapid progress, the novel is a social communication pipeline of good this way, see the benefits of the novel can be said to serve several purposes.

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  • 8 年前

    Every holiday of leisure time, I was always holding fiction, eating cookies only at this time I can put aside all the fuss, in your mind, when my mind a variety of story lines, I can feel the blood boiling, passionate kind of sea world, cannot be described by words. I often followed novels plot, and cry and laugh of, only then, I to performance out most no after packaging of I, I wanted to for themselves cry one, for themselves laugh one, I does not willing to for others and packaging themselves is shall not is reality life in the by forced, if life can again, I imagine novels in the of actress as can brave performance themselves pursuit themselves wants to of life.

    All kinds of books, I there is nothing to impede the relationship between age, I am a nice boy-rated literature did not.

    I used to say: "my boyfriend love stories. "He took me to taste the sweet and sour taste of love, clearly he is add my spirit's biggest source of nutrients.

    Reading a novel can not only enrich our lives, can also train Chinese capacity, make the writing more smooth, and the content is to be able to Captivate, in this era of rapid progress, the novel is also a good pipe and social communication, as a result, reading a novel can be said to be the benefits of number in one fell swoop.

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  • 8 年前


    You are the same as the brother of one of my my girl friend.

    He said "Those in the Playboys are my girl friends."

    I said to him -

    those in Playboys have every inch of their skin shaved, waxed, and pimple-removed. Keep dreaming, until you are a millionaire.

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