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甲蟲 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


很抱歉,本公司2012年要反映成本(即涨價) 3%,

根據官方資料,下一季台灣的油電雙涨,因為油電的涨價也會帶動物價的波動,若涨幅超過3%, 本公司一樣只反映 3%, 多出來的部份本公司將自行吸收。謝謝。

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  • 8 年前


    很抱歉,本公司2012年要反映成本(即涨價) 3%,

    Regrettably, in keeping with higher costs, we have to raise the 2012 price by 3%.

    根據官方資料,下一季台灣的油電雙涨,因為油電的涨價也會帶動物價的波動,若涨幅超過3%, 本公司一樣只反映 3%, 多出來的部份本公司將自行吸收。謝謝。

    According to government statements, the prices of both gas and utility will be adjusted upward next quarter, which will inevitably push up production costs. If the costs go up by more than 3%, the company will still keep the price adjustment at 3%, and absorb the difference. Thank you for your understanding.

    2012-04-17 07:39:37 補充:

    Taiwanese businesses have always been under the heavy influence of Japanese culture which place a premium on "mutual understanding and acceptance", thus the constant exchanges of "why do I do this to you".

    2012-04-17 07:42:22 補充:

    If the utilities hiked less than 3%, there will be gestures to show good well -- in which I'll be very interested to learn more.

    2012-04-17 08:15:01 補充:

    Echo Kevin's point: self-absorbed 不是“自行吸收”,

    self-absorbed (adj) ==》preoccupied with one's own thoughts, emotions, life, etc.

    2012-04-17 20:20:12 補充:

    Dear Honesty: absorb確實是吸收(帶著承擔)的意思。但是self-absorb是一個獨具其意的用詞,意指“專注於自己”。

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  • 甲蟲
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    8 年前

    To Princess,

    Yes, you are right. We have ever encountered this problem of price decreasing--in 2008, NT$ to US$ was depression in exchange rate,at that moment we had our prices going down for 6% to reflect our benefit to customers.

    2012-04-17 11:21:44 補充:

    Nevertheless, business is a two wins strategy, only when both parties get gains at the same time then can the business be running longterm.

    2012-04-17 11:24:47 補充:

    Tomorrow, I have a meeting with some customers, so I have to prepare my homework in advance so that I can know how to express my meaning without any fail.

    thanks for dudes here, I love you all.

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  • 8 年前

    Yap! Typical Chinese culture, always wear a smiling face.

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  • 8 年前

    I am not sure what products this company is selling. If I were the CEO of the company, I would not even try to justify why the prices of my products have changed.

    2012-04-17 07:26:47 補充:

    Unless this is a public utility company whose book is typically open, explaining your pricing strategy to public is nothing but trouble.

    As a consumer, this announcement is either marketing act or simply misleading.

    2012-04-17 07:32:12 補充:

    On seeing the announcement of this type, one question immediately comes to mind is - what if the oil/electricity are lower by 3%? Is this company going to release a letter for negative adjustment?

    2012-04-17 21:30:01 補充:

    To A-bug,

    I am not saying that you need not to notify your customer of the price increase; I said, you don't need to justify in such quantitative details (which is misleading no matter how you put it.)

    Good luck to you for the meeting - I wish you well.

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  • Kevin
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    "通知函"以簡短扼要為原則, 所以沒有照字面翻:Price Rise Notice:

    In response to the price rise in utilities next quarter, according to the officilas, we'll have to raise ours in 2012 by 3%, absorbing any costs beyond. Thanks for your understanding. 油電水瓦斯等總稱utilities. 另外, self-absorbed並非"自行吸收".

    有誤請指正. 謝謝.

    2012-04-17 15:59:27 補充:


    ... according to the OFFICIALS ...

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  • 8 年前

    We regret to inform you that form xx月, 2012. the price of all our products will be raised by 3%. We apologize for this change, but this price increase has become unavoidable in view of the rising cost of oil and electricity.

    It is reported that oil and electricity increase will result in all price fluctuations. If it is over than 3%, we will be self-absorbed the exceeded rate for you.

    Please kindly note and understand.


    2012-04-17 10:20:27 補充:

    To: 樓下的rjamesho:


    2012-04-17 10:36:10 補充:


    裡面有寫道:a senior economist at ANZ Bank, said there was evidence of rising input price pressures, but businesses were choosing to absorb the cost increases.

    參考資料: me
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