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請英文高手幫我解答~buy somebody's story

I'm not buying this answer.





能夠像 buy somebody's story 一樣的用法嗎?

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  • 9 年前


    I'm not buying this answer.=>I'm not going to believe this answer.我不會去相信這個回答是對的(我不會買帳的)

    to buy somebody's story.=>相信某人的假話

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    to buy somebody's story是很主觀的講法,假使you don't buy his story.當然你有暗示他在說謊,不然你就會相信他在說真話,不是嗎?

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    Correction:to buy somebody's story.=>相信某人說的話

    2012-04-19 14:28:34 補充:

    I do not totally agree with you.Mster P.

    If I say" I don't buy you." ,it is a matter of "trust".

    Not related to "preference".

    "I don't buy his preaching today"

    Is indeed a mood too strong that you don't believe what the preacher said.

    2012-04-20 10:15:37 補充:

    story : an explanation or excuse and "especially one that is not true "

    ▪ The police don't believe his story. — often + about ▪ She made up some story about getting stuck in traffic

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    2012-04-22 16:18:40 補充:

    I still "buy" that if you buy her theory, her preaching, her arguments......whatsoever,you put the truthfulness in them more or less.

    You wouln't buy her theory if you consider there's may still be something in it deserving to be proved.

    2012-04-22 16:25:02 補充:

    Let's stop here,I think we both have given the asker enough space to know how "buy somebody's something " is used in a corect way.

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  • 9 年前

    Ahh, isn't it a good time to learn more about "buy"?

    1. In your example, buy means accept or believe. It may not have the connotation of accusing the speaker of lying.

    I don't buy her story = 我不相信她的解釋

    2. "buy it" is also an idiom meaning "get killed".

    Example: She bought it at Chicago south side.她在知加哥市南被宰了

    3. other usages:

    buy down - to reduce something (such as interest rate) by paying money in advance.

    buy in - to accumulate

    buy off - to eliminate something (such as a lease) by payment.

    buy out - to acquire complete ownership.

    2012-04-19 12:02:03 補充:

    Don't buy someone's story is just like you don't buy someone's merchandise. It does not mean that everything you don't buy is fake. The reason may be that you just don't like like.

    2012-04-19 12:02:53 補充:

    For example, in the church, you may say - "I don't buy his preaching today." This does not mean that I said the preacher was lying.

    2012-04-19 21:41:58 補充:

    Well, to me, there is a big grey area between true and false. Among what I don't like (agree on, or whatsoever), most fall in that area. That was why I made that argument and I can see why you disagree and it is probably your grey area is small.

    2012-04-19 21:42:17 補充:

    Maybe this is why human language is so interesting, isn't it.

    2012-04-20 04:24:04 補充:

    Also, "I don't buy X" usually is used only on things, such as reasoning, concepts, but not on person. So, I would say:

    He did not buy my arguments;

    but not

    He did not buy me.

    The latter may mean "bribe", not "believe".

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    Yes, the word STORY does reflect the skepticism to certain degree. But how about:

    I don't buy her theory; her preaching; her arguments?

    The skepticism may come from the doubt on her qualification but not her truthfulness.

    2012-04-21 00:54:43 補充:

    I think our debate is on the use of "BUY", not other words?

  • 這常用喔~~

    I don't buy it

    I am not buying it~~


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