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A rapid and reliable size-exclusion chromatographic method for

determination of kojic dipalmitate in skin-whitening cosmetic products



A study of interferences reveals that KDP can be determined without interferences coming from cosmetic matrices. Most other cosmetic ingredients usually employed in skin-whitening cosmetic products, such as other whitening agents and common UV filters, do not interfere.

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The accuracy and precision of the proposed method was tested by the analysis of six laboratory-made and five commercial skin-whitening cosmetic samples.

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The sensitivity and limit of detection (3 gmL−1) obtained are suitable for the analysis of this type of samples. The chromatographic run takes less than 8 min to complete.

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This disorder can be reduced with cosmetic treatment based

on the use of so-called skin-whitening (also referred to as skinbleaching)

cosmetic products [4], although the most serious

cases could require medical assistance.

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These products contain different chemicals called skin-whitening (or skin-bleaching)agents that produce a whitening effect on the skin, based on the

inhibition that they produce in melanin biosynthesis via different

mechanisms [4–6].

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Although no adverse effects have been reported concerning

cosmetics containing KDP, it should be controlled in this type of

products in order to assure their efficacy.

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However, as with other cosmetic ingredients, there are no official analytical methods;moreover, in contrast to other cosmetic ingredients, no published

papers have been found reporting KDP determination,as recently reviewed by the authors of this article [11],

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probablyowing to the fact that it is a very recent cosmetic ingredient.

Therefore, analytical methods to determine KDP must be developed

for accurate and precise determination of this cosmetic

ingredient, thus assuring the efficacy of this type of cosmetic


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Furthermore, it should be borne in mind that cosmetic industry demands rapid analytical methods.

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