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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

Speed ​​limit or limitation?


限速Speed ​​limit 和 Speed ​​limitation 都有人用




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  • 8 年前

    先簡單這樣講好了: 這條公路有 speed limitation,它規定的最高 speed limit 是 90 公里。

    limit 著重在允許的範圍「上限」,limitation 是在能力或權力上加以「限制」。

    公路上的限速 90 公里,是 speed limit。 車輛本身可能可以加速到 180 公里,但超過 90 就要罰,90 是 speed limit。

    speed limitation 最少有兩種意思。一種是法律上對某段公路做出速度的限制規定,這是做出 speed limitation。 這個 limitation 規定 speed limit 「速度上限」不能超過 90 公里。

    另外,車上裝一個裝置,讓能跑 180 公里的車,怎麼加油,最快只能達到 110 公里,就再也上不去了,這是對車輛的加速能力加以限制,也稱為 speed limitation,那個裝置就稱為 speed limitation device。

    總結來說, speed limit 是公路上的速限。 speed limitation 是使車加速的能力受到限制,或對公路上速度上限加以限制。

    2012-04-19 11:43:16 補充:

    有回答者用全英文,說在美國「從來」沒聽過 speed limitation,那就請開眼界吧:

    紐約時報 2010 年 5 月 7 日

    The speed limitation of 52 m.p.h on battery power gave me just enough margin to stay with traffic.

    靠電池電力,每小時 52 英哩的速度能力限制,只能讓我剛好勉強跟得上車流。

    2012-04-19 11:46:30 補充:

    (這是講車輛的加速能力,因為吃電池,只能到 52 英哩就上不去)



    《州際農用車輛規定比較研究》p. 20:

    2012-04-19 11:49:51 補充:

    On October 18, 2007, Ohio adopted a new law, which removed the 25 mph speed limitation for farm machinery......

    2007 年 10 月 18 日,俄亥俄州採取新法律,該法取消農機每小時 25 英哩的速度限制......


    我在題目中所解釋 speed limitation 指法律上或能力的速度限制,都提出根據了。紐約時報和賓州州大的文獻應該夠「美國」、夠權威了吧?

    2012-04-19 12:06:29 補充:

    最簡單的理解就是,美國高速公路上,限速牌清清楚楚寫 Speed Limit 65。 所以 65 英哩這個數字就是 speed limit 啦。

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  • 8 年前

    Speed limit

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  • 8 年前

    I've never heard people say speed limitation here in the States. If you search for "speed limitation" in Google, most web pages return "speed limit" instead ( The only exception on this page is something called "speed limitation devices" which are systems that help drivers control their speed. Here "limitation" serves as an adjective to modify the following "devices". If you look carefully enough, you will notice that in the article the writer uses "speed limits" several times.

    On Wikipedia, there is an entry for "speed limit", but you cannot find a single phrase saying "speed limitation". In addition, on Cambridge Online Dictionary, which is offered by Cambridge University Press, uses "speed limit" ( but not "speed limitation". So it is probably not used in England, either.

    2012-04-20 12:25:40 補充:

    (Didn't know why what I posted earlier in the review section isn't shown there. Hence I repost it on here!)

    I thought here is simply a safe place to share information and voice your opinions. That's it!

    2012-04-20 12:26:53 補充:

    So please help me understand why make such a fuss about all this long ramblings? Did I discredit your previous post in any way? I was basically saying people around me never use that in spoken English. Is that allowed?

    2012-04-20 12:27:16 補充:

    And did I bother you cuz I write in English? Did anybody "limit" you from jotting everything down in English?

    2012-04-20 12:27:30 補充:

    From your somewhat hostile comment I can sense a fervent desire to prove you're and you SHOULD be the only one right. Anyone else who expresses a slightly different opinion has to be shot down?! People exhibiting such intolerant traits are granted the title "dashi"? Give me a break!

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