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在道德修養上培養3Q並節制3P, 3P所指為金錢,權利,欲望...我看不出來這三個字金錢,權利,欲望字頭會帶P耶?


這邊的P應該是Pass of something

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金錢,權力,色情欲望所以應該是Passion of Money, Passion of Power, Passion of porn

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  • 9 年前

    The "P" in "3P" stands for power. "金錢,權利,欲望" doesn't have "P" to start the word. However, it means "Power of the money, Power of the authority, and Power of the desire". That is why it uses "3P".

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    These 3 things depend upon who you talk with. Poster has the common three. Whether they agree with other point of view is subjected to discuss. I have the sane question as poster before, and that was what people told me.

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    Right or wrong to me was not important, after all, I was just curious about why 3P, not anything else?

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    It is like we commonly saw on the news report about "李 x 點" , "江 x 點", "胡 x 點" ... where "x" is a number". I wonder what those "x 點" really means to the citizen of China and Taiwan.

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    master 26535! I like your version of "3P", next time, if someone ask me the same question, I will use your version as the answer.

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    I fully agree with you, "3P" is dangerous !!!

    Look like your laptop like to give up power !!!

    2012-04-20 08:22:37 補充:

    That is a good sign for next generation !!!

    2012-04-21 12:53:12 補充:

    sherry_hsu ( 初學者 2 級)! You said "這邊的P應該是Pass of something", can you provide the reason why you think so? I am curious why people use "pass". It does have the meaning of "(財產, 權力等)相傳".

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  • 9 年前

    The most frequently quoted for 金錢, 權利, 欲望 are, in different order, Power, Ego, and Money (PEM), and not 3P.

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    Or, in the order of this book: Money, Ego, and Power (MEP)

  • 9 年前

    The 3 powers I used to know are:

    the mind, the will, and the heart


    the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary

    today, I learned the third kind from melon.

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    Melon dude, on your 005,

    3P is nothing but trouble and a dangerous thing to do. I would not do it at all.

    2012-04-20 07:18:34 補充:

    Back to the Q. I think 3P (in the context of this Q) are




    2012-04-20 07:22:12 補充:

    Among them, the first is particularly interesting to me. My laptop always died on me in the middle of the flight.