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ToNg 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前





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  • 8 年前

    Good day, everyone. Today i am going to talk about "aboriginals". why? because i am one of them. i am a Truku.(這裡應該是“禿嚕苦“就像您母語那樣發音)

    i grew up in a tribe of Trukus. i love it very much. i think it is a great place. i think our people are very nice and cute. we don't have much craftiness toward others. we love living in this world and we face everyday as optimistic as possible. we have great singing vocals that can't be denied. we are also good at music. we were all born to be one. but there's still exceptions. people always asks me: 'so how about those who can't sing? what are they going to do with it?' i answer to them: 'they just go for sports.' well, if one of us can't sing, they just go for running and things, since we are also good at it. so basically we won't have to worry about the future. ha ha ha.

    because of the modernization, there are more and more aboriginal kids that don't speak Truku nowadays. they don't even want to learn it because they are so lazy. even though some organizations are trying so hard spreading the culture of us, but it seems it's still not so effective. i hope that they could remember who they are and where they from. and everyone of us should try to protect it. no matter if they are Truku or other aboriginals.

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  • 8 年前

    hi everone, today i'll be share with you the" Aboriginal's culture" do you know why ? This is because I am a Aboriginal, I grew up in the Aboriginals culture, and Aboriginals culture is wonderful and awesome, I think we on is simple is naive and cute, no many of thinking, optimistic of face each a days, Also, i think our voice shouldn't be ignored, it's our nature talent. We;re sensitive to the music at the day when we're born. Now, actively promoting Aboriginal culture, children now refused to learn the mother language, not refused because they're too lazy to learn, new technologies made us lose our identity. Therefore I hope everyone can fight for their own identity.

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