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Dear LuLu老師:

我是您的學生 Jason ,非常感謝老師推薦我去參加COSTCO麵包部經理的工作.COSTCO是ㄧ間有規模的公司,我喜歡他們公司的產品與管理,這份工作正是我ㄧ直想追尋的,相信我的專業足夠勝任這份工作,並且為它創造更好的業績,ㄧ定能符合老師的期待.


祝 身體健康



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  • Ryan
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    9 年前

    Dear teacher Lulu,

    I am your student, Jason. I really appreaciate you for recommending me to the bread department of COSTCO for the manager. COSTCO is a company of large scale, and I like the products and management in this company, which I have long been looking for. I believe I am competent enough to do this job, and make it more profitable as well as to measure up to your expectations.

    Finally, whether I can get this job or not, I am still thankful for your recommend and the chance you gave me of getting a interview .

    Best wishes


    Apr. 8

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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    Dear LuLu teacher:

    I was your student, Jason, Thank you very much teacher recommended me to take part in the work of the the COSTCO bread manager COSTCO-sized companies have ㄧ, I like their company's products and management, the job is exactly what I want to pursue ㄧ straight I believe my professional enough to do the job, and it creates better performance, ㄧ be able to meet the expectations of the teacher.

    Finally, whether or not to get the job, thank you for your recommendation, I had the opportunity to attend an interview.

    I wish good health



  • 9 年前

    Dear LuLu teacher:I is you of students Jason, very thanks teacher recommended I to participate in COSTCO bread Department Manager of work. COSTCO is ㄧ between has scale of company, I like they company of products and management, this copies work is I ㄧ direct wanted to search of, believe I of professional enough competent this copies work, and for it created better of performance, ㄧ will can meet teacher of looks forward to.Finally, regardless of whether they have got the job, thank you for your recommendation, has given me the opportunity for an interview.

    I wish good healthJason101.04.25