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請問我的翻譯錯在哪.. 幫我修改以及跟我說錯在哪~"~

白毫烏龍茶:又名「椪風茶」、「東方美人茶」。全世界僅臺灣產製,經手工攪拌控制醱酵,使茶葉產生獨特的蜜糖香或熟果香, 經手工攪拌控制醱酵,使茶葉產生獨特的蜜糖香或熟果香,茶葉外觀呈現自然彎曲狀,色澤白、綠、黃、紅、褐相間,形狀宛如花朵,為其品質特徵。。然而,烏龍茶的採收一年僅有夏季一次,所採茶業必須經小綠葉蟬叮咬,其餘都不可。

This Tea is kind of 東方美人茶 or 膨風茶. All the world only Taiwan has produced Oolong Tea, Through hand-mixing to control fermentation, it makes tea leaves producing special honey or fruit favor. Tea leaves appearance of natural curved Its quality characteristics exhibits leaf coloration of dark purple and brown tones with white hairs and shapes like a flower. And then Oolong tea harvest year only summer time, plucked these leaves have to bitten by insects call leaf hoppers, the eles not can be.

因為是本人的英文很弱.. 這些是自己翻的 希望有人能夠跟我講錯在哪 要修改什麼!! 謝謝


不好意思 我這邊還有一個連結.. 可以麻煩妳幫我看一下嗎@@?


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    This Tea brand is called "White-tip Oolong Tea", also named "Oriental Beauty Tea" or "Pung-Feng Tea", it is only produced in Taiwan out of the whole world.

    Tea production has to be done by hand, mixed and rubbed to control its fermentation, to yield a flavor similar to honey or ripped fruits.

    The shape of tea leafs appears to be naturally curved, with blended colors of white, green, yellow, red, and brown, looks like a flower. This is the major characteristic of this tea brand.

    Furthermore, the leaf harvest can only be done at summertime, just one season for the entire year. The collected leafs must go through a process of nibbling by an insect called leaf hopper, else the leafs are rendered useless.