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1.告訴我你平常都穿美國尺碼什尺碼?2. 請告知我你兩腳的長和寬我可以給你建議.另外如果你穿US6就是穿36碼.~~如果你穿US6和US6.5你要穿37碼..3.你要拿的尺碼是37碼..這是亞洲尺吋4.如果你急需要鞋子.可以趕工給你.4月28號就可以發貨了.運送要12~15天喔!5.如果你要加購.請讓我先變更你加購商品的運費6.照你平常穿的美國尺碼挑選.我會給你相對應的尺碼7.可以請你主動聯係嗎?若收件不成功.商品會返回.這樣會多趟運費返回和重寄出的錢.==那就糟了!8.東西已經送到但沒人在家簽收喔!9.商品已抵達英國.沒人在家.沒人簽收喔!請盡快跟當地郵局聯係10.商品將在大約10天送達.

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    1. tell me that you usually wear United States size what size?

    2. Please tell me you two feet long and wide and I can give you advice. If you dress US6 is wearing 36. ~ ~ If you dress US6 US6.5 you want to wear a 37 yard ...

    3. you have to take the size is 37 yards ... This is Asian feet inches

    4. If you need a shoe. can work for you. shipped on April 28. transport to 12-15 day Oh!

    5. If you want purchase. Please let me change your purchased goods freight

    6. wear your usual United States sizes to choose from. I will give you that corresponds to the size

    7. can you please do contact? if pickup not successful. commodity return. This will take more freight back and to send money. == it is bad!

    8. things have been sent but there was no sign at home Oh!

    9. the product has arrived at United Kingdom. nobody home. nobody sign wow! please contact your local post office as soon as possible

    10. item will be served in about 10 days.