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翻mood swing+maligning universe

SEE this first:

I think there are a lot of room to improve the translation of this post. So here we are...

Please comment on / correct my translation.

Many of us don't even require a mood swing to be guilty of maligning our physical universe.

==> (Many of us) (don't even require a mood swing) (to be) guilty of (maligning our physical universe)

==> (We) (......)(are) guilty of (something)

==> (We) (......)(are guilty of something)

==> (Many of us) (......)(are guilty of maligning our physical universe)


Now, let's talking about the (......) part: don't even require a mood swing

even: 甚至

don't require: 不需要

mood swing: 心情起伏 / 情緒變化

==> 甚至不需要改變情緒

Now, here is my complete translation:

許多人 甚至連想都不想 就能夠對周遭環境漫罵一通.

Now, I'm asking readers to tell me that I'm mistaken, if any, and why. Or just give me a better translation. Great thanks.


時間也差不多了. 就讓 我們來一個 [公投] 吧! 不過, 昌老大 就不麻煩您了.

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  • 8 年前

    Great! most of us just misled by the questioner’s prime translation.The key word here for us to understand here maybe “mood swing “,it implies that you are thinking something over and over ,considering many aspects of its influence on yourself or others ,so that you are disturbed mentally like your mood is taking a swing. If I say: I don’t require a mood swing to reject his bribe.The meaning is quite clear--- I am a decent man; I don’t take any consideration into accept his bribe, so I won’t be disturbed by that at all.Back to the part of the sentence: “to be guilty of maligning our physical universe”, it certainly talking about people ignore that they are also responsible for what they’ve been complaining about of the world they are living.Secondly, if we take the phrase---“ require a mood swing “ as a premise for “to be guilty of maligning our physical universe”(as my example brought up earlier),the whole sentence become obviously clear.---Most of us don’t even have a bit of guilt feeling after slandering around the physical universe without realizing that they could also be the cause of what they are attacking now.---We seldom criticise ourselves for being one behind this event.

    The translation as---”許多人甚至不會讓情緒糟蹋了現實的環境。” is not only wrong but also out of the topic. It happens all the time that such an answer so far off the beam is chosen as the best, but thanks to the good news that people like Paul still has an enthusiasm to put this solved question on to table again!(Take my bribe, Mr. Paul! J)

    2012-04-29 11:25:54 補充:

    @Master Jim,

    "To be guilty of maligning our physical universe" here causes mood swing,right?

    By this logic,if one doesn't feel guilty of maligning our physical universe,he certainly require not any mood swing.

    2012-04-29 11:26:02 補充:

    Maybe I have put the whole text congruently too much so as to fit my say ,but I still prefer Paul's point.

    2012-04-29 11:48:54 補充:

    Sorry to all,

    Now I see the reason why I'm so doubt of my answer!

    I mistook "be guilty of " as "be guilty for"

    2012-04-29 12:22:41 補充:

    @Master Jim,

    You are right!

    It means :Most of us don't even need to be in swing mood so as to be sinners of maligning our physical universe

    2012-04-29 12:24:07 補充:

    Sorry, i only can post my thanks here,for the content of my answer was too long!

    2012-04-29 12:32:25 補充:


    2012-04-30 09:48:40 補充:

    I think it is just a simple phenomenon this sentence intends to prevail.

    Unfortunately, the use of “require a mood swing” makes us confused.

    2012-04-30 09:49:00 補充:

    Maybe it is not a good writing considering its briefness.

    A similar writing I tried for your reference as this:

    Whether in a mood swing or not, most of us keep being guilty of slandering about our living circumstance.

    2012-04-30 09:49:52 補充:

    It is impossible to make a good translation if the original writing is not clear enough…just my comment.

    2012-05-15 10:43:29 補充:

    Good! Cloud freeze

    2012-05-15 10:44:15 補充:

    Good! Night breeze! :-)

    參考資料: Geoffrey
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  • 晚風
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    8 年前



    2012-05-15 19:19:16 補充:

    Ha, buddy,

    I just pick up what you guys said and express in my words.

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  • 阿昌
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    8 年前


















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  • 8 年前

    First of all, I have to admit that I made a big mistake giving a positive evaluation on the previous answer. I should have been more careful reading through the whole text.

    2012-04-29 10:05:10 補充:

    Now, I have to respectfully disagree with Master Geoffrey's interpretation because I think this sentence itself is so vague that one can easily misunderstand its meaning.

    2012-04-29 10:16:09 補充:

    Here is my humble opinion:

    Many of us don't even require a mood swing to be guilty of maligning our physical universe.


    malign: to speak ill of

    Physical universe:All things that are physically relavent.

    2012-04-29 19:07:19 補充:

    Glad to be of any assistance my friends!!!

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  • YH
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    8 年前

    我們之中很多人 對於傷害我們現有的世界 絲毫都不會感到內疚

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